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Lindberg/MPH afterburners are used in a wide variety of applications to thermally oxide exhaust effluents. In most processes, after-burning of the exhaust is often sufficient to … > Get A Quote >


Likewise, depending on the furnace (vertical or cylindrical), different burner mountings, such as sidefired, upfired or downfired, may be required to properly operate the furnace. Where process burners were once considered a primitive and polluting component of industries, Zeeco reinvented the modern-day burner for high energy efficiency, dramatically low emissions, and increased production. > Get A Quote >

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Jun 09, 2016· In addition, most industrial heating burners of metallic construction use higher proportions of excess air for cooling at lower firing rates. Therefore, in addition to reduced blower efficiency, process thermal efficiency may be sacrificed when burners are oversized. > Get A Quote >

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Industrial burners, complete heating systems, and combustion equipment ANDRITZ FBB is a leading supplier of industrial burners, complete heating systems, and combustion equipment with global experience in many thermal process industries. > Get A Quote >

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Industrial Burner Types Bloom Engineering manufactures a wide range of industrial burner and low NOx burners for industrial furnaces. This page identifies and explains the basic types of industrial burners with links to additional technical information. > Get A Quote >

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Each part of a furnace, from the burner up to the stack, must be purged. The stack, however, does not have to be purged. A basic rule of thumb:  for every cubic foot of the heating chamber there should be four cubic feet of fresh air or inert gas passing through the purge … > Get A Quote >

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Manufacturers of world-class combustion equipment and systems for industrial, commercial, and utility markets, Faber Burner Company provides solutions for controlling, igniting, and firing liquid and gaseous fuels in boilers and process furnaces. > Get A Quote >

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Founded in 1948, Industrial Furnace Company is capable of handling all facets of furnace construction without the use of subcontractors. We specialize in industrial multiple hearth furnaces and fluidized bed incinerators including industrial furnace repair. We also provide a number of other industrial contract services. Industrial Furnace Company works with clients from the initial consultation through the … > Get A Quote >

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Gas Burner Services CAP Industrial Offer the Following Services • Burner and control system installation for every type of furnace and suitable for all industrial heating applications • Annual safety check of gas main supply • Upgrade and replacement of gas fired burners • Full service of both burner … > Get A Quote >

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Jan 10, 2020· Burners and Flames in Industrial Furnaces A burner is the device used to burn the fuel, with an oxidizer to convert the chemical energy in the fuel into thermal energy. A given combustion system can have a single burner or many burners, depending on the size and type of the application. > Get A Quote >

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We manufacture and install industrial gas burners of low, medium and high power capabilities that can work with air drawn or forced in the presence of low or high pressure gas to cover all needs. We manufacture burners for foundries, for roasting plants, for furnaces and for all industrial and manufacturing sectors. > Get A Quote >